Drugs don’t work

Last week was pretty horrible. I was on the second week of my new treatment. The first since having little man. I seemed to have every side-effect going. All parenting advice when out of the window.  Little man and I watched lots of television but also had many cuddles. Support had to be called in. So Granny arrived on Monday afternoon and came every day for the rest of the working week. A seventy-something with more energy than me. I don’t want to sound ungrateful but there were times when my head was in a bucket and I felt guilty that I couldn’t be there, Granny would be there instead. But with MS or any  illness I’m sure we’ll get the guilt pangs. That probably goes with being a mummy.

I love little man and he knew that his mummy wasn’t well. So despite feeling guilty it was a good mummy time too. Time to snuggle when I had the energy but learn quickly that mummy had to get better. I came off my treatment on Friday. My body couldn’t take it anymore. So I’m trying to get better before taking the lower dose in the future.


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