Cigarettes or a Chinese takeaway?

I have smelt cigarette smoke for about three weeks now. When it first happened to me, I thought I was going mad! Luckily I saw a post on a MS website and knew I wasn’t alone. The standard medical MS sites don’t really talk about sense of smell. But since having MS, my sense of smell has gone mental. I keep getting this phantom smoke smell every now and again. I spoke to my nurse about it and apparently your brain signals can get screwy and your sense of smell goes either super sensitive or you can smell certain things. I even goggled it (I know I shouldn’t!) and someone was even smelling a Chinese takeaway. I’d take prawn crackers any day!

It drives me nuts and still does. Little man can easily poo his nappy and run round the house in it! He is oblivious to his sense of smell. How can a toddler run around with that smell! I don’t seem to have the energy to tackle him so bribe him, then get it done. So another MS thing to contend with. Some sites even say it’s the paranormal! I hope flipping not as there has been someone following me for weeks now, they must be tired!


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