Shattered, no Kilimanjaro

Why is it whenever you do anything busy, you feel shattered for the next few days? Went to my uncle’s big birthday at the weekend, which was 3 1/2 hours drive away non stop. But with little man in the car, we had to stop to feed him, and us! So obviously took longer. Hubby booked Monday off and had every intention of doing something but ended up driving, having a pit stop at a service station then going home. Felt so guilty for just wanting to go home. Luckily the weather was rubbish and if it had been glorious sunshine, I would have felt really bad. The next couple of days have been a right off. Little man is fast asleep now. And wondering when the napping in the day stops as I really don’t know how I am going to carry on. We played talking Tom today on the iPad. I gave him some energy potion. Wondering if they can dish it out for me and others in the same boat. I think if it wasn’t for feeling like I am swimming in custard, I probably would accept that having MS and being a mummy is manageable. But having fatigue makes you realise you have got something. I haven’t walked up any mountains. Little man has more energy than me. Nap time for us both.


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