It’s a Bing thing and a big bruise!

We have watched lots of Bing today. I know I shouldn’t subject little man to lots of TV but I had a reason and it probably doesn’t hurt as much as the books make out. Last night as little man was taking his bath, daddy said “would you be okay if I just check the cooking? ” Yes I said” and he went downstairs. Ironically the thing that is meant to help me, the shower board was sticking out and I went ar&e over tit and I ended smacking my face onto the bathroom tiled floor. Every time I do something like this, I think my MS is getting worse but my hubby assures me I’ve always been a clumsy cow!

Bl@@dy hell it hurt! I was streaming blood and cut the top of my nose. Daddy rushed upstairs when he heard the almighty thud. Next minute little man was rushed out the bath, wrapped in a towel and then daddy ran downstairs. My neighbour was summoned. I thought he was going to be an ice pack! What they don’t tell you about having MS or any chronic condition is if you end up stupidly falling, what the consequences maybe. Apart from looking like Frank Bruno, the biggest thing is your pride breaking. I feel such an idiot. So today after going to a class, lots of foundation on and the class leader asking how I hit my face (I obviously looked hideous and the foundation wasn’t working!), I got home with no energy to do anything, let alone look after little man. So little man and I watched lots of kiddie television. Bing was on the menu. I shouldn’t analyse this program but lots of it has made me. Pando has a fascination of just taking his pants off! What’s that all about! Bing is a giant rabbit and his carer, Flop is a wholly doll who is smaller. Maybe that’s what happens when you look after little ones! Think I’ve watched too much Bing today. So poorly because I’ve got fatigue, broken pride and a knackered nose, but little man still gave me a hug which was worth it.


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