The girl on the train, whoops I mean sofa!

Isn’t it ironic that the film is out soon (or out), I’m not down with the kids! And I’ve been lent the book but wondering when I’m going to read it. I’m one of those people that if the film is made from a book, I want to read the book first. Thank G&d for dvd’s as I don’t think I will manage reading a book before watching the film at the cinema. Plus the last time I went to the cinema, the next day I was a wreck, so beginning to wonder whether it’s worth it? That said, train and sofa theme, I spend a lot of time sat on my ar@e on the sofa! Most of the books you read about MS advocate exercise to help. Give me the energy and I’ll be there but it’s me on the sofa and of course little man at the moment. I do many things sat on the sofa whilst playing with him. Cube stacking, jigsaws, throwing balls, you name it we do a lot with me sat down and little man, the whirlwind running around. Another thing is a well-known brick toddler brand, you know the one, begins with Du if you catch my drift! Anyway they have a Trains app. Little man loves it. He sits on the sofa with me, builds the train and I get to say “press the whistle” and many other things. I think technology helps whether you have a chronic condition or not. I was a bit scared of technology at first. Thinking is little man going to be subjected to too much. At school they use a lot of technology. And I couldn’t believe that he got a smart phone at Christmas, a toy one, not a real one obviously! In terms of traditional things, we always have good old fashioned reading of books. Little man loves books with flaps, pull-outs, any bells or whistles. So girl on the train I am! Maybe not be Emily Blunt version and what I’ve seen from the film trailer, I probably wouldn’t want to be. At the moment, I’m the girl on the sofa. One day when I’m not reading Thomas or stacking towers, I might be the one on the train! Reading the book that’s under my bed.


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