Isn’t it ironic that the high street retailer that shares its initials with this chronic condition has a loyalty card called Sparks and I am all out of Sparks! In fact my MS loyalty card would be called “Zonked” as that is me at the moment. Daddy, mummy and little man went out yesterday. We had a lovely time walking around a stately home’s gardens, kicking leaves, going to the park and generally just chilling out. It was lovely but whenever I seem to do anything like this, the next day I just feel zonked. Little man would be the most loyal consumer as his sparks are flying! He seems to be running on so much energy which I suppose little people have bags of it. His mummy is out of all energy. I was told when I was diagnosed with MS is to learn to conserve your energy. I’m getting better. Having little man also puts you in check. I’ve heard about some sales this weekend, have I got the energy to go? One is even at the same place you can get more “Sparks”! If I have the energy, I might get some more Sparks! Mondays, I never commit to anything. A day without little man’s classes and a chance to re-spark. It doesn’t always work out that way it’s my way of trying to be charged for whatever comes my way for the week. Although we have a week off classes as schools are out. So a chance to re-spark.


One thought on “Sparks

  1. Online sales all the way! Even with a ‘normal’ energy level there is no way on god’s earth I would shop with a toddler lol! If you get the booty delivered to the shop, delivery is free and your lovely other half can collect for you! Xx


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