Annie Lennox week

I’m having an Annie Lennox week. You’ve probably all had them. Like her song, “Why?” you ask yourself that question over and over. Whereas little man is learning lots of words and in the near future, I’m expecting the why’s.

So why am I having a Annie Lennox week? When you have MS, you often ask yourself “Why”? I don’t want to winge on, but it might be the reason why I haven’t done a blog for over a week. After searching on the internet back in the summer, I found a name of a neurologist. The site’s main message is to take control. So I did. I liked what the neurologist was saying, he seemed a good guy and I wanted to meet him for a chat. I got a GP referral, was lucky he wanted to see me and got an appointment which I had on Monday. I was told a few new things. But the main difference was the attitude that I received. It was brilliant.

Like little man, the neurologist’s attitude was up beat. I’m also reading a book at the moment called “Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis”. It’s quite an interesting read but one of the points within it talks about your attitude. It says “it is critical to move on with a healthier emotional state, …. and the key ingredient for most people is the level of support they have from loved ones, friends and the wider community.” This week I’ve had a mixed bag of support, good and bad. This blog isn’t going to go on about that but when you have Annie Lennox moment, you have to remember to have the right attitude. So be less Annie and more like little man.


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