Headless chickens

Like many of us headless chicken’s, life is condensed into a couple of hours in the evening after our little people have gone to bed. I’m failing to fit celebrity jungle into my day and end up hearing about Scarlett from Gogglebox via other means. It might also be because I’m addicted to “The Crown” and any spare minute I have, I’m watching this. In my opinion, it’s a cracking programme. With the recording box having tele on since the spring, I’ll probably never catch up. But when you’re looking after little man and you have MS, you begin to realise that you have to choose. I’ve also been juggling the C’s. I bet most people have! It is the season for it. Can you guess what im talking about? Colds and Christmas.

Since having MS, having a cold and preparing for Christmas feels ten times worse. Both of them involve serious effort. It’s not just about watching Christmas adverts if you have the time and energy, then sharing them, passing opinion, although I love the sentimental Heathrow one or dosing yourself up to the eyeballs with vit C, in the hope it will be the cure to the common cold.

Ive also been mad busy writing because I have been asked to write a few guest blogs because of poorlyparents. This has been really exciting and flattering. I will post them when they become live. Please watch this space.

Little man has had a crusty nose and sounded like a little Darth Vader at times. Not sure if he’s been teething as well or just having a runny nose from a cold. Probably just a cold as I’ve had one too. I’ve been running around with the loo roll, trying to get rid of germs for little man and me. I was on the list for the flu jab but was too ill to go! So not sure if I should rearrange as I feel so much better?

Christmas seems to be coming so fast. Everyone is talking about it and I’m sure they have been doing so since before Halloween. Little man is still too young to understand the concept of Christmas. I’m sure it won’t be long plus it lands in our house this weekend so little man will definitely know about it by then.

Also the world has changed since my last blog. Regardless of your political opinion my favourite joke is whether it’s going to be a soft or hard Trump. Trump in the north means something very different to the Trump on the news! Headless chicken syndrome continues, hopefully with less germs and I might get to put my feet up in a months time.


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