Most wonderful time of the year


It’s the time of the year you put your best foot forward (left if you’re asking!), stick some lippy on and carry on Christmas starts in full swing.

On the surface of it all, I may seem fine and look alright, but on the inside, my MS is mad and I’m secretly wanting peace and quiet. I probably sound all bah hum bug as on the one hand, it is the most wonderful time of the year but it also feels like an assault course. Twinkly lights, the smell of evergreen, secret eating of cheap chocolate coins, knowing the big FC is coming soon and everyone running around like headless chickens. It’s the time of the year when the world goes crazy for one day. Little man is probably still too young to understand but he does love Christmas like his mummy.

I’ve realised how Christmas and MS don’t mix. MS is holding me back. I’ve had to cancel plans as I’m battling with MS rubbish, the usual thrills and spills of this condition like the drug side-effects. Family and friends are asking what little man would like. I will start thinking about it in August next year!

Presents are taking twice as long with my mad MS hands. But my hubby has stepped up this year as things have gone belly up. I’m thankful for the support and with less than double digit sleeps to the big day, the countdown is well and truly on.

We visited FC and mummy was surprised he was a geordie! Obviously nothing against accents (I married one) but was shocked that FC had one. I just want things to be perfect, whatever that is! They will be, whether I have MS or not.

Happy Christmas to everyone!


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