Choose life


Happy New Year everyone! Sorry it’s taken me a few days to wish everyone health and happiness. I’ve been battling lots of things lately. After Christmas and New Year, most of us will be battling the MonSter that seems to have its grip because I know I’ve done too much over the festive period. To be honest, I was feeling pretty fatigued and my MS was seriously kicking in before the bells rang for Christmas. Despite my advice and others, you still can’t slow down over Christmas. I’ve also been battling side effects of the latest drug. I want them to work but they seem to give me gip. To add insult to injury, little man broke out in spots yesterday and we discovered it was chicken pox. I’ve also been recently sounding like Darth Vader as been trying to shake off the mother of all colds. If I was the queen, I’m sure you’ll be worried! I think the whole country must be gripped by it.

So as you can read it’s been pretty interesting. It seems your immune system is even more shot to pieces when you have MS. So I got through Christmas, little man’s 2nd birthday and thought We had escaped the dreaded bugs but then little man and I have been struck down. Maybe I’ll rename this blog “poorly poorly parents with sicky child”! Ironically I started writing this blog when I wasn’t feeling great with MS and trying to look after a little one. When you’re not feeling great through other means and your little one is not feeling great, everything just shuts down. So the priority is just to get well.

I think many of us were shocked of the news of George Michael passing on Christmas Day. I was even shocked about the Eastenders pool tragedy (sorry to those who choose not to watch) but the one thing that it has made me
realise, as George said, we need to “choose life”. Very apt and maybe George didn’t, but when you’re feeling rubbish that is the only option you have. Happy New Year everyone. Let’s wish health and happiness to all.


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