It’s cold today. It has snowed and is very windy. This has caused havoc for some. Be safe. So if like me you’re a stay at home mum (I hate those words! like partner which sounds like something off Strictly!) then you probably won’t be venturing out today (unless your little or big ones want to play in the snow!) but it is soooo cold!

Little man and I are still not up to speed on the healthometer so another reason to stay in. Although staying in does make me very reflective. It is probably the time of year for reflection. January resolutions and all that, whatever they are! But seriously, when you are sat down, trying to keep little man occupied, whilst little man and I are not feeling 100%, your mind wanders.

It is the time of year for inspirational quotes. Don’t get me wrong I love them and put them on my blog when I see one that fits. Ironically I have a “keep calm and carry on” canvas on my kitchen wall. This was put on the kitchen wall before the quote was everywhere, you could see it on tea towels, oven gloves, you name it, the quote was everywhere.

If you understand the history of the quote, it was originally produced in 1939, ahead of World War Two, to help drive morale. But because the Blitz happened it was hardly ever used. According to Wikipedia, it was later found in the Barter book shop in Alnwick in 2000. Ironically, I have been there with my Dad and if you love books, you have to go, its so different, it’s fab.

So with the fighting spirit in mind, when you start reading MS literature is usually full of fighting talk and inspirational quotes. It does help as there are probably many times we need a boost, whatever we are dealing with. If we can’t get it physically (a hug usually works for me), some good words will do. So I’m not saying ban quotes but choose the ones you wish to read, I’m sure you do.

Mine is “love, health and happiness” MS or not, whatever we are facing, it is the quote everyone should live by. With January reflection in full swing, another quote won’t hurt!


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