Turn it up

Snotty raggy tissues with my nose feeling like I’ve been sanding it, the tv on loop for little man and little energy to kick start the year, it’s January. Apparently last Monday was called “Blue Monday”. It was supposedly called that as it’s meant to be the most depressing Monday of the year.

January is depressing. The weather is naff. We are supposedly not allowed a drink, have to eat good stuff and we should generally look after ourselves. But I can’t be arsed or haven’t got any energy (MS probably!) to do any of those things. With mummy and little man’s germs to contend with,  January has certainly been blue. I haven’t done a huge amount of writing (it always cheers me up) but my spirits haven’t been lowered. Mainly because of optimism. You switch on the telly and there are lots of holiday adverts at this time of year. Probably to entice you of sunnier days. But aside from words and pictures to help put you in a better mood, music is my next love. Tomorrow I’m going to call “tripping Tuesday”. Not because I’ll be smoking something that I shouldn’t be but because I will switch the radio on at some point. Music can give us our Mojo even if our dancing feet are all stumberly. Tonight I listened to a song  (#Ruling Planet, Shine) shared on the MS society York page. The man who sang it reminded me of a Hungarian version of Ozzy Osbourne. Probably a compliment (or not) depending on if you think he looks like the Black Sabbath singer but the music was uplifting.  Little man loves his tunes. We try to dance in the lounge (I’m no Ginger Rogers!). So for a minute let’s forget about Ba Ba Black sheep and listen to what ever gives you your Mojo. Turn it up! 
#mummy #bluemonday #january #MS #rulingplanet 


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