There has been a break in my writing as I’ve had no umph. You can blame MS, germs, even winter but the culprits that added more fuel to the fire were from those arseh&les that tried to fraud me.

Despite efforts, I think I have done everything to help me be safe. So here are a few tips when the brown stuff hits the fan (probably clogs it!):

1. Give yourself a break
Despite feeling stupid and raw, do whatever helps. Little man gave his mummy lots of cuddles. Little man didn’t mind.

2. Ask for help
It’s ok to ask for help. Most people want to. I got great support and advice (thank you). Little man was dropped off at Granny’s, giving me time to sort things out when the brown stuff clogged the fan. Yesterday I had a great surprise from a good friend who sent a lovely card and some choccy. The little things really help.

3. Breaks
Everyone needs a break, so I planned mine around coffee. I hadn’t been in town on my own for a very long time. Planning break stops was a chance to recharge. Despite spilling my coffee on the saucer in a well-known coffee chain, I asked the waitress to pour the remainder into a bigger cup. I thought “sod it” and drank. I was on my break.

4. Symptom management
My MS has got worse recently. Stress most likely brings out the MonSter, as it sometimes gets called. It caused more waddling around town and my head not working as well as you want it to. Don’t put the pressure on, plan extra time and be kind to yourself. Sit back, chill, it will help (sod the diet, I ate chocolate!)

5. Brighter days
Plan for sunnier times. The first one I’ve planned is seeing snowdrops with little man and hubby. Might sound middle aged, but will put a smile on my face.

For tips to help against fraud, visit



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