Clocks change


You have to change clocks twice a year for Spring and Autumn. To remember “spring forward, fall back”.

Little man still doesn’t understand time. Here are my five tips I try to manage time change from a mummy with MS:

1. Do you change routine? 
You can either move everything an hour to compensate for the change in time or go with the new time. We try and move routine in line with the change of time. But to be honest, it probably takes a few days to embed with little man and me!

2. To help
We have blackout lining in little man’s room which is been a godsend to help him sleep. With days getting lighter, little man will start to know the difference between night and day. A groclock might be a useful investment to educate little ones about day and night time. Limit any screen time before sleep, whether this means TV or tablets. The blue light omitted from these screens tricks the brain to thinking its day, so it is not great for trying to get to sleep. Some studies say that light therapy helps MS as it can help increase vitamin D. Try to get as much natural sunlight as possible. The forecast looks good for that.

3. Rest 
Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. A perfect excuse to put your feet up. Put rest time in today and tomorrow. The time change might not feel as bad.

4. Clocks 
I change any clocks before I go to bed. It limits the brain fog and avoids any mistakes (as I’ve changed them twice!). Know which clocks change automatically and which ones you have to manually change.

5. Good luck! 



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