Kiss goodbye

IMG_0275.JPGLiving in a social media world, where you fart then comment, everyone knows about it, has an opinion, you may feel scared to say how it is for the fear it’s just a fart! But social media helps as you can simply search it. I’ve found loads out via the internet especially managing MS and little ones. But it can also be scary especially as we live in a fake news world.

Dealing with any BIG thing seems more daunting when a little one is involved. It seems even harder when you’re having a WTF day.  In November, I wrote “Annie Lennox week”, you often ask yourself “Why”. We probably have WTF days or Annie Lennox’s weeks, but since being a MS mummy, they seem to be coming and coming. I want to “kiss them goodbye”. Sitting on your sofa, having a pity party. I want to “kiss goodbye” this feeling.

There were two key questions when I was diagnosed, how you will react, especially when things start to develop and how others will react. Years on since my first symptom, you’d think I’d know how to deal with it. Whatever happens in your life, a label is applied. You buy a new car. Suddenly you’re part of a new club. I’m little man’s mummy who also is dealing with MS. Its what I write about it, so I can’t be a hypocrite. But many times I don’t wish to deal with this label and want to kiss it goodbye. You’re a mummy living with a chronic illness but i’m also a daughter, sister, wife and friend. Relationships change. You don’t want MS to define you, but it’s a label you have to deal with.

So how do you deal with this label? You hear slogans like MS warrior. I don’t feel like a warrior after dropping coffee on the the kitchen floor and having no energy to vacuum. I’ve had my pity party.  So what are my tips to get a grip of any MonSter:

1. It’s personal  I haven’t been able to write well for over a year. I don’t like asking my husband to write for me. I recently got a stair rail fitted and my speech isn’t great. Like parenting, MS is a moving feast. You have to deal with every personal challenge. I know it’s not the end of the world.

2. Don’t be strong, just be yourself  I stole this from my MS friend. Whatever works for you, just do it. You read about being a warrior. Fighting. Throw it all out of the window if you want to. Be yourself whenever you got your diagnosis. Be kind to yourself. Apply your lippy if it makes you feel great.

3. The drugs don’t work My last blog was about drugs. Like the previous point, do what works for you. Drugs. Attitudes. Whatever. Read, get opinions, but go with your gut.

4. Adapt I got a stair rail fitted and it really helps. I don’t know why I struggled for so long. You may not wish to admit but adapt.

5. Shout! Shout for help and support. I didn’t for ages. Probably due to pride and stupidity. You realise who really counts.

I can’t #kissgoodbyetoMS, but with my best lippy on, it may not seem so daunting.

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