I’m not pissed



I haven’t written for a while as I’ve been trying to deal with disability. When I first got told about MS by my consultant, he said ” many people who have multiple sclerosis lead a normal life”. What’s normal about looking like you’re drunk when you’re not?

My speech has been slurry since Easter. Balance has been not great. My walking has been hit and miss. I’ve fallen off my bike. I’m now thinking of getting a trike. Apparently they are not just for little man! I’ve had a stair and grab rail fitted. Looks great. I’ve had a few comments, people think I’m drunk. What they don’t tell you in a consultant office is how you’re going to feel when things aren’t great. I wish I was drunk.

I’ve been out with my stick a few times. As well as helping me, it gives people a visionary clue that things aren’t alright. Little man loves mummy’s new game of using it as a golf club with his football! When I don’t have a visionary clue, everyone just thinks I’m pissed. I’m not.

When you see somebody stumbling, don’t assume they’ve hit the vino. They may have but it is probably down to a host of reasons why they are stumbling. I might have a glass of wine.

#ms #multiplesclerosis #stumbling #stick #switchsticks #speech #balance #trike #drunk #wine #vino #barbaraastrensland #stumblinginflats


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