No Emeli Sande


I read a post today which said “MS isn’t for the faint hearted….. it’s tough, life changing and Msers have little choice with their fate” (thank you Kate).

Today, my choice was to stop disease modifying treatment. I know the risks of not taking disease modifying drugs but I need a better quality of life, enough is enough, I can’t carry on, for me, especially for little man. My nurse has said “I’ve got the option to stop treatment” but the ball, like any medication, is firmly in my court.

With most things, we are conditioned what to do. Not with MS I feel.

Like Emeli Sande, I do want to ” scream, shout, put it in all of the papers” mainly because I feel so alone, I so wanted results and just want everything to go back to pre MS. But I have a chronic condition. No amount of pity partying is going to change that. Feeling and looking drunk maybe an option but I’m going to see if without the drugs, things improve. Debating whether to stay or go, is a recurring thought process. I really think the drug is making me worse than before. “Give it a go” “what have you got to loose” my nurse said to me nearly a year ago. I think I’ve given it a go. Little man is snooze cruising, think Mummy will too.

#emielsande #ms #multiplesclerosis #treatment #dmds #drugs #muMSuk


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