Mummy’s will understand


Things only a MS mummy (or Daddy) would understand (or all mummy’s and daddy’s!):

– You’d rather smell poo, than have the energy to chase a toddler who won’t have their nappy changed!

– Being a MS mummy, means you know the nearest and best loo and break stops, and did I mention parking?

– Many MS sites talk of feeling like a warrior, you’re a warrior when showered, dried your hair and even put on any make up

– You think whether it’s worth negotiating the car seat, parking and going out, as it can mean more effort, so online it is

– Hospital and doctors appointments are meant to help. But it’s tiring

– You’ve lost the car again. It’s a game for mummy and little man. The only time I know where I’ve parked is after the summer holidays when the roof box is still on!

– With your garden being attached to your home, it becomes your best outdoor friend

– My carpet is not clean, I’m a MS mummy

– Sod the advice, you need caffeine, drink the coffee!

Inspired by #healthline #mummy #mom #daddy #MS #multiplesclerosis #chronicillness #toddler #tips #parenting


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