It’s all about attitude … not age!

MS UK have just published my blog. Another chance to read.

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It’s all about attitude… not age!



A couple of weeks ago it was my #birthday. Birthdays are full of the usual things: presents, cake, candles, treats to name a few. They also give us a reason to reflect. This year was the first for properly thinking I was #ageing. OK, ageing is inevitable. Slap on the face cream to hopefully hide those fine lines. Hair dye to cover up those annoying grey hairs. Think about diet and exercise (have you heard about #Veganuary?) but premature ageing was my anxiety.

“I shouldn’t be thinking about all of this”! I was screaming in my head.

I also read in a magazine (Good Housekeeping) that it is all about “attitude not ageing”and “being up for it”. Even on “The Crown”, the Queen and her Mum were discussing about ageing.

With little man having stacks of energy, and being a very young age, I have very little reserves and feel old. I’m “up for it” but my body isn’t.

I live with my chronic illness. I have to deal with many ageing realities like poor mobility, falling, rubbish memory and peeing lots. How do you deal with these things happening when you should only be thinking what face cream to buy?

To be honest, I don’t know. What I do know is that many gadgets can help, but many look like they should belong in an old people’s home. There are a few design agencies (Enabled Design is one) that are trying to lead the change but the majority of what is on offer is stuck in the past. I don’t wish to look and admit they will help me, but anything for an easy life. You look for signs of MS progression, things worsening. I fell today. Reality strikes.

A new year also gives you time to reflect, put your life in order. New year usually brings resolutions. My resolutions was not to make any (you’re most likely to break them) apart from being kinder to me. That may involve many things that new year brings like exercise, diet, being more brain active but also realising that being kinder to me (whether it’s just reading that magazine) will be good for all, especially me and little man.

I’m probably still going to look into what face cream to buy but I’m on a mission to find gadgets that help with my “ageing” and don’t look like they belong in an old people’s home.

I’d love to know what gadgets you have ( it doesn’t have to be age related ones). Here’s to a happy attitude.


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Turn it up

Let your day shine!

Poorly parents, mummy with MS

Snotty raggy tissues with my nose feeling like I’ve been sanding it, the tv on loop for little man and little energy to kick start the year, it’s January. Apparently last Monday was called “Blue Monday”. It was supposedly called that as it’s meant to be the most depressing Monday of the year.

January is depressing. The weather is naff. We are supposedly not allowed a drink, have to eat good stuff and we should generally look after ourselves. But I can’t be arsed or haven’t got any energy (MS probably!) to do any of those things. With mummy and little man’s germs to contend with, January has certainly been blue. I haven’t done a huge amount of writing (it always cheers me up) but my spirits haven’t been lowered. Mainly because of optimism. You switch on the telly and there are lots of holiday adverts at this time of…

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Sod resolutions!


Like many of us, a #christmas #break was on my list but didn’t happen.

For the simple reason, there has been too much going on. The family has been battling bugs (which has made my #MS rubbish), many festivities with late nights, #travelling, #family politics and eating indulgent food. It has all had a toll. All adding up to putting my #writing on the back burner.

Many recent events can be put down to MS. My rubbish #walking (I’ve realised prosecco doesn’t help, despite it tasting nice), #speech sounds like I’m pissed (I’m not but everyone assumes I’ve had a few!) #spilling drinks (more noticeable at this time of year when transporting from the kitchen to guests) breaking wine glasses which need clearing up (another sign that things aren’t right) and #forgetting important things like turning my Dad’s home upside down as I convinced myself that I’d lost my wedding rings (they were back at home). I’m also contending with lots of pain.

You can say I’m just a clumsy, forgetful cow and despite resting, I’ve probably pushed myself too much, resulting in the MonSter coming out.

Christmas has made me realise how real MS is. OK, so I knew MS was real. There has been lots of tears. Tears because I know this is my reality as I’m so frustrated. Like a well known sports brand “just do it” is what I want to be like, what I was previously to #multiplesclerosis but I can’t “just do it” because of this stupid disease. My body has given up. As that advert says, we are in that Christmas limbo period, when we’re probably having a break before new year. I’m sat in my pjs (it’s 4pm, hopefully no one is coming around), watching Christmas tele on catch up and doing very little because I’m exhausted. I’m getting my break now.

So with a #newyear on the horizon, reflection in the air, what do I want differently for #2018:

Do the best you can
MS is a daily battle but remember you only have one shot at being you. Tears have come and gone. I will have good and bad days but doing the best I can is the only option.

There’s no magic pill to pop for MS (I’ve been told take this or eat that). Nothing cures, it may help, who knows. Fatigue for me, feels like I’m swimming in thick chocolate (there is probably too much of it at this time of year!)

Recharging doesn’t cure MS fatigue but helps. I wrote my tips for managing #fatigue as a mummy with MS for the #MSSociety. I said “MS is like having a battery that can’t be fully charged, so know your energy drainers, those things that just zap the life from you”. Christmas is an energy drainer. But I know next Christmas (or any big event) has to be different.

Don’t put pressure on yourself
In my past #writing, I’ve talked about this. I feel guilty for having no energy. I will continue to remind myself to cut some slack, especially as next year comes with more of little man’s milestones. I live with MS, that’s pressure enough.

This links with the previous point. This year has been full of acceptance. I’ve had grab rails, a walking stick, Blue Badge and a EDSS scale of 6 ( I had to google too!). All physical reminders that I’m no superwoman (I probably wasn’t before MS although I thought I was!). Life might be tough but accept all help and adjustment. Anything for a better life.

More “me time”
This year, #stleonardsyork have been great giving me more “me time”. I’ve tried #arttherapy, #laughteryoga and various treatments like #reflexogy. With my weekly stint of #pilates, I will plan in more “me time” for next year. Everyone deserves it.

This year, I’ve used writing as my therapy. I will continue to. Thank you to everyone who believes in me.

All there is to say, is have a fab 2018. Let’s hope it’s full of love, health and happiness.

And sod resolutions!

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